The Why

Because Cancer Care should focus on beyond the Body
  • 71%

    felt more confident & optimistic when adopting Integrated Solutions

  • 82%

    desired an integrated approach to Cancer Care



  • 95%

    don?t have timely access to information & holistic healing


  • 100%

    Oncohappy team has direct experience/ loss with Cancer


The What

Provide Integrated Cancer Care
  • Integrated Care

    Treatments & Therapies

    Nutrition & Exercises

    Dance & Music

    Yoga & Meditation

    Stress & Pain Management

  • Curated Marketplace

    Hospitals & Research

    Diagnostic Centres

    Accessories and Gears

    Home Care Services

    Cosmetics & Personal Care

    Home Deliveries

  • Financial Advisory

    Insurance Counselling

    Charities & Trusts


    Financial Counselling

    Subsidized Treatment

    Donor Support

  • Ease of Information

    The Cancer Journey


    Expected Expenses


    Cancer Survivor Stories

    Support Group

The Who

What?s our Personal Motivation behind OncoHappy?
  • Salil

    Cancer CareGiver
  • Mansi

    Lost Mom to Cancer
  • Mona

    Cancer CareGiver
  • Niyati

    Lost Mom to Cancer
  • Isha

    Cancer CareGiver
  • Raheel

    Cancer CareGiver
  • Shivani

    Cancer CareGiver

Their journey does not have to be a difficult one

Together, we can make their Lives Easier, Better, Happier


  • "My Cancer Is Me
    My Cancer Healed Me."

    Vijay Bhat
    16-year Cancer-thriver & Cancer-coach
  • "I believe in Mind over Body. My spirituality helped me remain calm & focus on my healing."

    Parul Desai
    Thriving Since 2016 | Breast Cancer | Belief in Spirituality | Cancer Victor
  • "One step at a time, I helped others through their cancer journeys. One step at a time, I found my healing."

    Vandana Gupta
    Thriving Since 1993 | Hodgkin's Disease | Founder V-care Foundation | Support Group Activist
  • "Singing, photography & riding were my pals during treatment. Today, I ride across India to promote belief in treatment and rekindle hope in patients."

    Harteij Bharnesh
    Stage 4 at 26 years | Alternate therapy then chemo | Lawyer | Amateur Marathoner| Founder - Ride of Hope
  • "NO person, NO disease, NO object can break me except my own thoughts.
    Life is short, live for your family, and live it to the Best!"

    Harsha Doshi
    Stage 1 | 6 months of chemo | Relapse in 2 years | Healing with natural treatment
  • "I stayed positive & objective the entire time. I never feared death. I was in the hands of the best doctors, in the best hospital and surrounded by the best family, so why stress?"

    Sushila Shah
    Early stage | Only surgery recommended | Grandmother to 6 | Positivity is key